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Design and construction scheme of car factory building with crystal silicon solar cell
The construction of a solar cell production plant and the construction of an ordinary electronic factory have both the same point and the uniqueness of the process. Solar cell plant design must meet the "silicon sol……
PET bottle aseptic cold filling technology and the design and construction scheme of the cleaning system for the dustless workshop
Technical design solution for automobile, air free workshop / clean room
The “clean room” of the automotive industry is not classified according to ISO. Most of the critical areas, such as transmissions, fuel injector assembly shops, and spray booths were not originally designed to meet the r……
Design plan and construction solution for dust free injection workshop
First, the planning of injection-free dust-free workshops: Ensure absolute separation of all scrap, feeding, and mixing plants. 1. Feeding and mixing rooms are separated into small rooms independently, and the equipme……
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