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Shenzhen Qinkong Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the design, construction and clean room system equipment production and sales of air purification systems and providing professional supporting services. The company has always been adhering to the "sincere-oriented, intentions of service" business philosophy and dedication to create the highest quality products for customers, provide the most satisfactory service. Since the establishment of the company, with the independent innovation of high-tech, pioneering and progressive scientific management, Shenzhen City, air purification equipment Co., Ltd. has now developed into South China's largest and most technologically advanced cleansing industry leader.

The company provides professional air purification systems for microelectronics, biomedicine, hospital operating rooms, fiber optic cables, food and beverages, aerospace, precision instruments, and cosmetics according to ISO14644-1, GB50073-2001 national standards, and national GMP regulations. The design, construction, testing and technical support services can design, manufacture and install special equipment for the cleanroom system according to the actual needs of the customers. At present, the company's main product systems include industrial purification equipment, medical purification equipment and cleanroom consumables, etc. Covering the country, major customers and partners include Foxconn, Founder, TCL, Huawei, Hitachi Global, and a large number of well-known companies at home and abroad. The company's existing staff of more than 200 people, with its own 1000 square meters of professional production base, among the forefront of peers!

Looking back at the past, all the staff of the Diligence Purification Company went down to earth, shuffled around the corner, and went all the way. Looking at this time, Colleagues who are purifying their talents are full of ambition, high-spirited spirits, and are showing their talents; Looking into the future, Diligence and Cleanse will surely lead the trend of the times and create new ground. The first of its kind in the industry, the banner of "China's clean room industry model."

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