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Design plan and construction solution for dust free injection workshop
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First, the planning of injection-free dust-free workshops: Ensure absolute separation of all scrap, feeding, and mixing plants.

1. Feeding and mixing rooms are separated into small rooms independently, and the equipment is commonly used for drying materials, mold temperature meters, and feeders. Pipelines need to be considered in advance in how they are laid out to prevent later pipelines from passing through dust-free walls;

2. The scrap room must be far away from the clean room area;

3, the mold room is best placed outside the dust-free injection molding workshop, into the clean room must be after the air shower can enter;

4, mold lifting equipment For small injection molding machines, small gantry electric hoist can be used;

5, logistics circulation isolation, transportation;

Injection clean room cleaning program

Second, provide dust-free air, collect and discharge injection molding waste gas.

1, through the installation of dust-free air-conditioning boxes, so that air purification and filtration to meet the design requirements, according to the actual situation of customers, design 10-300,000 dust-free air-conditioning purification box;

2. During the injection molding process, a large amount of hot exhaust gas will be generated. It must be collected through reasonable collection as soon as possible to keep the clean environment in the working environment.

3, exhaust emissions, according to different local regulatory requirements, install activated carbon exhaust gas treatment equipment;

Third, dust-free injection molding workshop fully automated feeding, pickup, transportation.

1. The injection molding raw material adopts high pressure automatic feeding system to achieve automatic feeding through the stainless steel pipeline. The pipeline is best arranged with the cable, water supply, gas supply, etc. buried in the ground in the early stage of construction;

2. The injection molding machine pick-up adopts the automatic mechanical arm operation, combined with the slope conveyor belt line body picking operation;

3. The operator is separated and the slope belt line conveys the product to the large belt line. The product is conveyed to the inspection studio through the large belt line. The operator classifies, sorts and sorts the qualified products.

Injection clean room construction

Fourth, dust-free injection molding workshops pay attention to late management.

1. Maintain the cleanliness of clean rooms such as clean room floors, walls, ceilings, injection molding bodies, and conveying lines;

2. Timely replacement of air filters in clean air-conditioners, and replacement of high-efficiency filters no more than six months;

3, after the replacement of the mold to clean up oil and other pollution sources;

4, all the items entering and exiting the injection clean room, personnel must be air shower room, cargo shower room;

5, according to clean requirements for employees training;

Fifth, the main structural materials of injection molding clean room.

1. The dust-free workshop wall and roof materials are generally made of 50mm thick sandwich rock wool color steel plates and special aluminum oxide profiles.

2. The door of dust-free workshop is made of dust-free and purified special aluminum alloy door material, and the observation glass window is made of aluminum alloy window aluminum without dust purification, fixed and sealed, and the surface adopts epoxy self-leveling or advanced wear-resistant plastic dust-free flooring;

3, dust-free workshop ventilation pipe using galvanized sheet production, combined with PEF flame-retardant insulation board to provide insulation and centralized cooling and heating (non-central air-conditioning users do not need to do insulation treatment);

Dust-free injection molding workshop design

Six, injection clean room air purification exhaust process.

Outdoor Air → Wet Curtain → Primary Effect Filter → Medium Efficiency Filter → (Central Air Conditioner Heating or Cooling) → High Pressure Blower → Air Supply Pipeline → High Efficiency Air Supply Port → Clean Room → Exhaust Gas Collection Trumpet → Exhaust Air Pipeline → (Activated Carbon Waste Gas Treatment equipment) → High-pressure exhaust fan → 15 meters high discharge

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