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Design and construction scheme of car factory building with crystal silicon solar cell
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The construction of a solar cell production plant and the construction of an ordinary electronic factory have both the same point and the uniqueness of the process. Solar cell plant design must meet the "silicon solar plant design specifications."

1. Plant layout and supporting facilities

Crystal silicon solar cell clean room has many production processes and the equipment covers a large area. Therefore, it is especially important to note that the equipment layout should be compact and reasonable. In addition to meeting the production requirements, the process layout should also meet the requirements for the installation and maintenance of production process equipment, as well as the necessary transportation channels, installation ports, inspection ports, and purification facilities, so that the layout is reasonable, compact, and conducive to production operations. The process flow is smoother and the structure is more compact, which effectively saves the area of the plant and improves the use factor of the building. Can greatly save the initial investment. In addition, due to the profitability of solar cells, according to actual needs, we must also consider the space needed for expansion and expansion.


2. Air-conditioning, power and power pipelines should approach the load center

Due to the large floor space of the solar cell production plant, air-conditioning, power and power system layouts are relatively difficult. Usually if we centralize the air conditioning system in one place, it will make the transmission pipelines of the air supply pipeline, power pipeline, etc. excessively long. This will waste initial investment costs and increase transmission losses. Therefore, the design of the plant should be comprehensively compared and overall consideration should be taken.

3. The exhaust of organic waste gas, alkaline waste gas and harmful gas shall be arranged on the downwind side of the main wind direction of the plant

In the process of producing solar cells, a large number of toxic and harmful gases are generated. Therefore, the local monsoon wind direction and other meteorological conditions should be considered, and the distance between the new tuyere and the tuyere should be avoided and the exhaust vent should be located on the upwind side of the tuyere. .

4, the setting of the room of explosive gas or harmful gas

Accident ventilation systems should be installed in rooms such as silane room, ammonia room, phosphorus oxychloride room, etc. that may suddenly emit a large amount of explosive gas or harmful gas. Ventilation of accident ventilation should not be less than 12 times per hour. The accident ventilation system should have automatic and manual control switches. The manual switch should be set up at a place where indoor and outdoor operations are convenient.

5, air shoes organization of the design

At present, many shoe factories have a lot of odors in the shoe changing room. In serious cases, the odor will drift into the production room and it is difficult to remove. Therefore, in the design, the shoe cabinet with a ventilation system may be considered to keep negative pressure in the shoe cabinet; mechanical ventilation measures should also be taken into account in the shoe changing room, and the number of air changes should be increased.

6, supporting the use of housing to be complete

In the initial stage of the plant construction, no office or warehouse adjacent to the workshop was set up. In the later stage, the partition could only be temporarily added to the workshop to form a site office and a warehouse, which would waste precious production workshop space. Ideally, separate office and production areas and design separate office buildings. This will strengthen the function of the plant area. And in the future when the plant is transformed, it will not affect the office. It is beneficial to the long-term development of the company.

7. Personnel flow, logistics and equipment import and export settings

The production workshop of the crystalline silicon solar cell plant is a purification plant, and the flow of people and logistics should be set separately to avoid cross-interference of people flow and logistics lines. Cleanrooms should be designed for removable metal panels for handling equipment and temporary buffers that are easy to set up when transporting equipment. The installation location should ensure that the cleanroom is free of contamination and the convenience of equipment transport routes.

8, the production of wastewater drainage pipe ditch settings.

The trenches in the production area with cleanliness requirements should be designed as dark trenches, and the trenches should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. The ditch is easy to accumulate dust, and can easily cause air pollution from the general production area to the clean production area. In addition, the setting of the open ditch cover can easily affect the flatness of the floor and is not conducive to indoor transportation. Considering that pipelines may leak, it is recommended to do anti-corrosion treatment in the ditch. .

Air conditioning system and power design

1, air conditioning system and air treatment

The air-conditioning system of the production plant is an important guarantee for product quality, and it is also a major energy-consuming item for the plant. A reasonable choice of air-conditioning treatment can not only meet the actual needs of production, but also effectively save energy and create profits for the company. The air treatment method of the air-conditioning system generally depends on the specific location of the plant and the overall layout of the layout, and the combined air handling unit can be used for centralized treatment, and dry coils can also be used for distributed processing. In the production workshop, both temperature and humidity are sufficient to meet human comfort. It is recommended that there be some changes in winter and summer. This will not only save energy, but also allow people to adapt to changes in indoor and outdoor temperatures.

2, Cure Furnaces (sintering furnace) exhaust

Cure Furnaces (sintering furnace) has a very high operating temperature (around 400°C). Due to the high requirement for cleanliness, an independent exhaust system needs to be designed, and the material branch of the air duct (that is, the connection to the equipment is recommended to use sus304). In addition to the insulation layer, the main part is made of galvanized steel (this will not only satisfy production requirements but also save investment). Hot air in-line is the most economical way to save initial investment, and it is also the easiest and most convenient. If in the long run, the heat dissipation of this equipment is relatively large, and conditions permit, it is recommended to use heat recovery units. In winter, it can be used to preheat fresh air, which can save operating costs; the disadvantage is that the initial investment is high.

3, pure water (PW) system

Pure water in the process of solar cells is mainly used in the cleaner section of several sets of equipment. In order to avoid stagnant water and the quality of pure water that is affected in the pipeline, a certain amount of backwater is usually designed to maintain the fluidity of the water. In this connection with the production equipment, three links are provided. Actually, during the trial operation of the equipment, it often happens that “the situation that the equipment inlet water quantity and water pressure drop too quickly” causes the equipment to have insufficient water supply, which is not conducive to the cleaning of the battery substrate. Therefore, when designing, it is recommended that the diameter of the pipe to be taken over by the equipment be appropriately increased (1.5 times the recommended pipe diameter for the equipment entrance), and the adjustment valve should be installed at the inlet pipe of the equipment inlet.

Construction points of crystalline silicon solar cell production plant

1. Space management of solar cell production plant construction

Most of the main buildings are steel structures, so we have the first problem of ventilation, piping, electrical, power, and equipment hanger structures (that is, how the hangers take root on steel beams). Considering that the factory building is a comprehensive construction, there are many specializations (refrigeration, heating, pure water, air pressure, vacuum, air conditioning, process cooling water, nitrogen, oxygen, fire protection, power distribution, self-control, communication, purification decoration, etc. ) The various professions must not be independent of one another and must coordinate and coordinate the support scheme. The general contractor (or the constructor) is responsible for formulating the comprehensive support scheme and rationally arrange it. In addition, due to the large number of pipelines, the height should not be less than 7 meters and 8-10 meters is appropriate.

2. Main points of construction of roof and siding of production plant

2.1. Preservation and reinforcement of ceilings in color plate ceilings

In order to ensure the overall appearance of the purification plant, a detailed secondary layout must be performed on the metal-colored steel ceiling panels. The secondary layout sequence of tuyere, lamps, and shower heads is: tuyere layout, lamp layout, and sprinkler head layout. In the secondary layout, try to place all the opening positions of the tuyere in the plate, avoid placing the opening position on the long or short ribs of the top plate. Therefore, the type of tuyere must be ensured from the edge of the column. The distance is greater than 100mm. In the typesetting of metal wall plates, the internal embedded pipes must be combined with the locations of the switch sockets of strong and weak currents; if the power distribution cabinets are placed in a concentrated manner and there is no concealment in the return air clipping path, metal wall plates are required. If the fire hydrant box is installed along the column, the fire hydrant box will be concealed at the same time when the fire hydrant box is installed along the column; the advantage of this is that it is beautiful and conducive to the guarantee of cleanliness.

Due to air conditioning vents, electrical bridges, lamps, process piping and other secondary distribution pipelines, holes are opened on the roof of the roof. If no reinforcement is performed, the entire row of roofs with more openings will be deformed downward. Even color steel peeling. It is recommended to reserve a hole in the production process of the color steel plate, and to set a local reinforcing rib at the hole, which can greatly enhance the strength of the color plate, and effectively avoid the occurrence of peeling and falling off of the color plate ceiling during construction and use.

2.2, level control of color plate ceilings keel

As the width and depth of the solar cell production plant are relatively large, higher requirements are placed on the flatness of the ceiling. The level of ceiling keel plate directly determines the installation effect of the roof. When the metal roof is installed, it is necessary to ensure that each rib is subjected to vertical and uniform force. If the rib cannot be installed due to obstructions such as the wind pipe, the gantry must be made of C-shaped steel, and the two top plates must be made of non-forced ribs. The middle of the board seam needs to be equipped with a medium-sized aluminum cutting strip to increase the overall strength and flatness of the top board. The size of the top board board seam must be consistent and ensure that in a straight line, the intersection point of the four roof boards must be leveled and height difference is not allowed.

2.3. Installation of High Efficiency Filter (or FFU)

There are many high-efficiency filters (or FFUs) and tuyere on the top plate. Before opening the hole, you need to re-confirm according to the layout diagram. The installation position of the high-efficiency filter and tuyere should be avoided to avoid the following process equipment, so that the process equipment can be Secondary pipe and HEPA filter element replacement. The height of the top-attached high-efficiency filter box is 250mm, the height of the side-connected high-efficiency filter box is 450mm, the height of the butterfly valve is 300mm, and the thickness of the metal wall board is 50mm. To ensure the primary piping, the top of the high-efficiency box tuyere is 700mm. Pipeline crossing should not be used. If it is unavoidable, side-mounted high-efficiency filter housings can be used. However, it is also necessary to ensure that there is no pipeline crossing within 500mm above the HEPA filter housing.

Construction clean control measures

1. Clean construction management system

The cleanliness of solar cell production workshops is also a big issue that restricts product quality. We must also pay enough attention to the construction of the factory building. Our institute has passed many years of design and construction experience and summarized some measures: 1 Establishing a single person Flow channels and logistics channels. All people flow passages and logistics passages are provided with security personnel on duty at the entrance to implement the entry and exit registration system; the logistical channels are used to move the equipment into the entrance, and a temporary steel platform is set up as a transfer platform for cleanroom construction materials. All people flow passages and logistics passages are provided with buffers at the entrance; 2 first steps are taken to clean the clean room before the construction of the clean room, so as to reduce the entry of dust; 3 first, the ground floor epoxy primer is applied to the clean room construction to avoid subsequent construction. Dust on the ground; 4 All holes in the clean room shall be filled with sealant and then plugged with expansion bolts to avoid dust generation. The plastic film is used to wrap the pipeline inside the clean room to reduce subsequent cleaning work. Take appropriate sealing measures for pipelines that pass through the clean room; 5 Clean materials that do not produce dust on site. If the elevated floor should be covered with plastic film, then full floor leather protection, wall panels should be used to protect the PVC board; 6 clean room pipe branch as far as possible prefabricated outside the clean area to reduce the arc welding of clean room pollution.

2, positive pressure ventilation measures

Priority will be given to the construction of temporary fresh air ducts to realize positive pressure air delivery as soon as possible, which will not only facilitate the establishment of cleanliness awareness as early as possible, but also be conducive to keeping the clean room clean and conducive to the discharge of water vapor and other toxic and harmful substances in the clean room.

Power facilities and pipeline construction points

1, process exhaust pipe material selection

Due to the special nature of production equipment, the use of acid gas, alkaline gas and organic waste gas is required. Selection of materials for piping materials: UPVC material for acidic and alkaline gases. It is particularly noteworthy that if the size of the outdoor exhaust pipe is large, UPVC is easily deformed and distorted under solar exposure. It is recommended to use FRP ducts; but FRP's After the valve is damaged or deteriorated, it is difficult to replace, and the outdoor valve using UPVC material will be a little better. The indoor pipes are preferably all made of stainless steel. Otherwise, the time is slightly longer. The color of the pipe material will be particularly dark and out of tune with the bright workshop, which will affect the overall decoration effect. This point should be paid special attention in the secondary piping of the factory.

2, the installation of power gas pipeline

Taking a 50MW single crystal silicon production line as an example, the compressed air consumption is about 400 NM3/H. If the air quality requirements are relatively high, if it is necessary to meet the requirements of Class 1 or higher of the compressed air quality class, an oil-free air compressor is recommended. If the dew point temperature is demanding, the dryer is recommended to use a combination dryer. Special attention is that the filter of the compressed air system is the most prone to the problem, there are three reasons: First, the quality of the filter itself is not off, poor filtration efficiency; Second, when the installation and construction, did not flush the pipeline, Broken slag plugs the filter hole. If the oil filter is not clean, it will affect the product yield and contaminate the dryer. Third, the filter and dryer are directional. The inlet and outlet ports are easy to install.

3. When the control cabinets of pressurized water supply pumps and fire-fighting pumps are in the basement, the height of the basic support should be properly increased. .

To save space above the floor, control cabinets that typically produce pressurized feed water pumps and fire pumps are located near the pumps for easy control. However, it is necessary to fully consider the local climatic conditions, such as Wuxi summer rain, the air humidity. The electrical components arranged in the basement are vulnerable to moisture and cause short circuits, which can affect the normal use of the equipment and even cause accidents. Therefore, it is recommended to design the mezzanine in the basement, with the water pump placed on the lower floor and the electric power cabinet and control cabinet on the upper floor. This will not only facilitate the operation and management, but also effectively prevent the electrical components from getting wet. If space is limited and it cannot be avoided to be placed on the lower floor, it is necessary to pay attention to heightening the brackets of electrical components such as power distribution cabinets during installation. If the local humidity is still too large, consider designing an additional ventilation fan. The number of air changes can be appropriately considered (a ventilation rate of 5-15 n/h is appropriate).

4. When multiple cooling towers are connected in parallel, pay attention to the installation height of the overflow pipe and balance pipe.

When multiple cooling towers are installed in parallel, the installation heights of the overflow pipe and the balance pipe interface are different because of the difference in the base height or the type of the cooling tower. The consequences of this are very serious. In the process of commissioning and running, there is a drop in the height of the water level, which results in the lack of water in some cooling towers and a large amount of outflow of water in some cooling towers, resulting in water shortage in the system. Therefore, before installation, detailed understanding of the parameters of the equipment should be made, and the installation height should be properly adjusted to ensure the reliable operation of the system.

Mechanic and civil engineering professional construction points

1. The cooperation between electromechanical professional equipment ordering and civil engineering foundation construction

The installation of electromechanical equipment requires the close cooperation of civil engineering professionals. For example, the basic equipment design of general design drawings is based on a specific product sample. After the electromechanical equipment determines the brand and the manufacturer, it is necessary to make corrections to the equipment base map against the parameters of the manufacturer's product so as to avoid occurrence of a situation where the equipment base is too large or too small.

2. Outdoor air outlet and equipment installation

The installation form, color and height of all the air outlets and louvers in the building facade must be integrated and planned in a unified manner so as to maintain the overall appearance of the building. The installation of outdoor equipment needs to be safe and beautiful. The rain protection measures of the motor must be taken into account. Since the outdoor equipment is susceptible to fouling and affecting the appearance, it is advisable to clean the outer surface of the equipment by running a water system all the way around the equipment.

Electromechanical installation commissioning points

1, pipe tightness test and purging

During the commissioning process after construction, special attention should be paid to water and gas. Before the gas is introduced into the equipment, it is necessary to test the tightness of the pipeline to ensure that there is no leakage and leakage, especially some flammable, explosive and other dangerous gases; pay special attention to Yes, in the nitrogen purging or debugging project, we must pay attention to safety, because the air in the ceiling does not circulate, when the nitrogen leaks, it may cause the local oxygen content to be too low, making the commuter suffocate and cause accidental casualties.

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